. Accommodation


Sample the elegant luxury of our rooms and get the reassurance that you are special from our personalized service with an intimate touch. All rooms are self-contained with hot shower, wardrobe, wash basin and lockers. All rooms are superbly designed and meticulously finished. The interior decor radiates the best mix of ceramics, steel and wood works. The choice of color schemes in the rooms blend so well with the overall finishing creating a natural environment for relaxation.

a. Standard Rooms:

    The Plaza single rooms are very spacious and luxurious.
    They are found in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of The Plaza.

b. Twin Bed Rooms:

    The Plaza Double rooms are very spacious and luxurious for any family setting.

c. Premium Rooms:

     These are well customized to suit the customer at all times.

d. Day Rooms:

    This type of accommodation is for clients who wish to rest during the day    
    You can book now for allocation on any of our rooms.
    Other types of accommodation and their Rates